Byzantium and the Bulgarians (1018-1185). Acts of the 18th International Symposium.

Edited by: Κατερίνα Νικολάου, Κώστας Τσικνάκης



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Edited by: Κατερίνα Νικολάου, Κώστας Τσικνάκης
Year: 2008
Pages: 236
ISSN: 1106-1448
ISBN: 978-960-371-041-7

Book Description

The Byzantine and Bulgarian relations are unfolded within sixteen studies. These particular relations date back to 1018, the year of submission of the Bulgarians in the Bosporus Empire, after the long victorious campaign of Basil II, until 1185, when the Second Bulgarian state was created. The studies were announced in the homonymous with the book international interdisciplinary conference, organized by the Institute for Byzantine Research in 2000. They specifically highlight and examine the situation and the conditions as established after the overthrow of Samuel’s state, the consequent restoration of the Empire borders at the Danube, and the creation of the Bulgarian theme. Moreover, new research approaches and data have been assisting in the labeling and description of changes and upheavals that led, one hundred and sixty years later, the Bulgarian brothers Peter and Asan in building alliances with Vlachs and Cumans, as well as in their successful revolt against Constantinople.

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