Constantine IV (668–685). The Last Emperor of the Early Byzantine Period.

Maria Leontsini


In Greek.

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Author: Maria Leontsini
Year: 2006
Pages: 280
ISSN: 1106-8949
ISBN: 960-371-033-4

Book Description

The reign of Herakleios’s great-grandson, Constantine IV (668–685), spans in the short but crucial period between Emperor Constans II’s death and the collapse of the Herakleian dynasty under Justinian II. The policies voiced by Constantine IV and the senatorial elite attempted to redefine the relations with the military leaders, the local elites and the church on a quest to restore ancient institutions and attitudes prevailing in the past; rather for these setbacks Constantine IV is called the ‘’last emperor of the Early Byzantine period” and not only because he reigned in a transitional era. Recalling ideological concepts from the past encouraged communications and economic exchanges with the major cities of the West. Constantine IV’s policy triggered a spiral flow of developments that did not meet real necessities. The Byzantine-Western contacts served as a counterbalance to the rising power of the military leaders from the Eastern provinces, which, unlike the fleet, did not play serious role in preventing the first Arab siege of the Byzantine capital. A great part of troops was found trapped in the Danube battlefront in 680, during the Sixth Ecumenical Council. Constantine IV’s reign was praised for the despotic peace between Byzantium and the first Arab caliphate.

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