Establishment and Consolidation of the Empire of Nicaea. The Emperor Theodoros I Komnenos Laskaris.

Ilias Giarenis Ilias Giarenis


In Greek.

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Author: Ilias Giarenis Ilias Giarenis
Year: 2008
Pages: 410
ISSN: 1106-8949
ISBN: 978-960-371-052-3

Book Description

Subject of the book is the systematic and comprehensive examination of the first period of the construction and historical existence of the empire in exile at Nicaea. In the study a full and multi-faceted coverage of the policy and the era of the first ruler of the empire, Theodoros I Komnenos Laskaris, is offered, in the critical period between 1204 and 1222. Facets of the chaotic situation that emerged in the aftermath of the conquest of 1204 and furthermore the military and diplomatic relations between the states of the time are also examined. The study of Internal Policy, the External Policy, and the Imperial Ideology in the period under examination is dealt with in separate parts of the book.

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