The Danubian limes and its world during the Migration Period (4th-7th c.).

Sophia Patoura-Spanou


In greek.

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Author: Sophia Patoura-Spanou
Edited by: Georgios Th. Kardaras
Year: 2008
Pages: 301
ISSN: 1108-3840
ISBN: 978-960-371-043-1

Book Description

This volume includes 15 independent chapters, in which the authors examine topics of the history of the Balkan area during the Migration Period. The case of Danube is a representative historical case of a frontier during the Late Antiquity, a transitional period from the Roman to the Byzantine Empire. It is a special case, however, as it contains, more than any other, the elements of multiethnicity and multiculturalism, of mingling and assimilative trends, of the upsets and historical developments. Numerous tribes met on the banks of the Danube river, where, sometimes alone and other times on occasional alliances, they clashed and faced the Empire. Some of these tribes settled on the Empire’s territory and coexisted with the Roman population of the frontiers. Also, German peoples of the North were led to the West by leaders who rose through their tribes’ ranks in the Balkans and then played an important role in the significant events that changed the course of history in Western Europe. On the other hand, different nomadic tribes that were powerful back then, such as the Huns and the Avars, even though they came into contact with the civilized world of the Empire and managed to organised themselves politically, quickly disappeared from the historical scene due to various historical coincidences.

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