Byzantina Symmeikta (Volume 18).



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Year: 2008
Pages: 228
ISSN: 1792-0450

Book Description

The publication of the journal began at the Institute for Byzantine Research (IBR) –and now Section of Byzantine Research of the Institute of Historical Research (National Hellenic Research Foundation)–  in 1966 under the title ΣΥΜΜΕΙΚΤΑ. Since that time seventeen volumes of the journal have been published, approximately one every two years. The journal is the primary publication medium for research carried out at the Section of Byzantine Research, either by its own research staff or by external collaborators. The focus of ΣΥΜΜΕΙΚΤΑ laid mostly in Byzantine history, literature and archival research. In 2007 IBR reviewed the journal’s mission, and decided to expand its scope and open it up to the international scholarly community engaged in Byzantine Studies.

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