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Roman Peloponnese I: Roman Personal Names in Their Social Context (Achaia, Arcadia, Argolis, Corinthia and Eleia).

A. D. Rizakis, S. Zoumbaki (with the collaboration of M. Kantirea)


In english.

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Author: A. D. Rizakis, S. Zoumbaki (with the collaboration of M. Kantirea)
Year: 2001
Pages: 643 p. and map
ISBN: 960-7905-13-X

Book Description

In this volume are presented all the persons bearing Roman names attested in the inscriptions of Achaea, Arcadia, Argolis, Corinthia and Elis. Each person is placed in the political and social context with the help of the epigraphic document, often completely reproduced. In the commentary are analyzed both the onomastic aspects as well as the cursus honorum of important individuals and the problems related to the chronology and the family relations. This book is addressed to Hellenists and Romanists who are interested in the problems of philology, linguistics and the political and social history of the Peloponnesian cities under the Roman rule. This study highlights the role of certain powerful families who, through marriages, family and political relations, play a leading role in the integration of local societies in the Empire. It will henceforth be the basic reference for research into these societies and their “adaptation” into the new political and socio-cultural order established by Rome.

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