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Prosopographie der Eleer bis zum 1. Jh. v. Chr.

Sophia B. Zoumbaki


In german.

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Author: Sophia B. Zoumbaki
Year: 2005
Pages: 498
ISBN: 960-7905-20-2

Book Description

This monograph is a prosopography of Eleans from the Archaic period to the 1st c. BC, in total 695 individuals. This work completes the prosopography of the Eleans in antiquity, since a synthesis on the Elean society in the Roman Imperial period based on a prosopographic catalogue has been earlier published by the same author (MΕΛΕΤΗΜΑΤΑ 32).

Literary, epigraphic, numismatic and papyrological sources form the basis of this work. An extensive introduction presents the principles governing this research, the difficulties encountered during the study and the method of the organization of the prosopographic catalogue. All entries display a uniform structure: They include bibliography on the primary sources and secondary bibliography on various issues discussed in each entry; the text of the primary sources (or an extract in cases of very long texts) is reproduced in order to facilitate the use of the book as a tool for further historical research, given the absence of an epigraphic corpus of Eleia; remarks on the individuals under discussion, their activity, the offices they held, aim at the placement of each individual of the catalogue in its historical context. Numerous cross-references, stemmata of the families, rich indices and a map of Eleia make the book a useful reference point for historians.

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