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Weight and Value in Pre-Coinage Societies: An Introduction.

Anna Michailidou


In english.

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Author: Anna Michailidou
Year: 2005
Pages: 172, ill. 25
ISBN: 960-7905-23-7

Book Description

This volume introduces the reader to the important relation of Weight to Value by presenting three aspects of the topic, as well as by offering essential analytical tools. It is addressed to scholars specializing in the Archaeology of the Aegean with a particular interest in Bronze Age metrology and economics.

The book is divided in two parts. The first part consists of three chapters: an introduction to the material evidence (balances and weights) relating Weight to Value; a selection of modes of exchanging commodities such as sandals, clothes and services; a case-study illustrating more complex levels of exchange, namely the exchange value of human labor in the Aegean, Egypt and the Near East. The second part is offered as a tool to aid further reading. It consists of an alphabetized bibliography, a thematic catalogue of Greek key-words specifically chosen to correspond in meaning to the variety of foreign words attested in non-Greek titles, and a guide to the bibliography by English key-words.

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