Index du Bulletin Épigraphique (1987-2001). Volume II: Les mots Grecs.

S. Aneziri, N. Giannakopoulos

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Author: S. Aneziri, N. Giannakopoulos
Year: 2005
Pages: 686
ISBN: 960-7905-26-1
ISBNset: 960-7905-24-5

Book Description

This three volume work contains full indexes for one of the key international instruments in Greek Epigraphy, the Bulletin Épigraphique published annually in the French language journal Revue des Études Grecques. The period covered is from 1987, the year the Bulletin began to be published again as a collective work after the death of its former editor, Louis Robert, to 2001. Following the model of Louis Robert’s earlier indexes, it is structured into the following parts: publications and writers (vol. I, Les publications), ancient Greek words in their epigraphic context (vol. ΙΙ, Les mots grecs), terms and subjects commented upon (vol. ΙΙΙ, Les mots français).

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