Persian Rule in Cyprus. Sources, Problems, Perspectives.

Antigoni Zournatzi


In English.

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Author: Antigoni Zournatzi
Year: 2005
Pages: 87
ISBN: 960-7905-28-8

Book Description

This introduction to the study of Achaemenid rule in Cyprus provides a concise overview of the relations between the Achaemenid empire and its vassal Cypriot city-kingdoms. Particular attention is devoted to the difficulties of interpretation of the scanty literary and archaeological testimony and to the prejudices, ancient as well as modern, that have affected previous discussions. A series of short studies address problems regarding the character of Persia’s two centuries long domination over Cyprus (such as the existence of imperial control points on the island, administrative realations, political status of local kings). The author’s conclusions emphasize the need to take into account in such a study both the larger framework of the imperial practices of the Achaemenid monarchs and the broader interests and pursuits of the Persians along the western border of their empire.

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