The Roman Presence in Macedonia: Evidence from Personal Names.

Argyro B. Tataki


In English.

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Author: Argyro B. Tataki
Year: 2006
Pages: 670
ISBN: 960-7905-30-X

Book Description

This study lists all persons bearing Roman names attested in connection with ancient Macedonia. It includes all epigraphic attestations of Macedonians who were granted the Roman citizenship, of Romans who settled in the colonies and other Macedonian cities, of Romans who resided in Macedonia for any given period of time as officials involved in the Roman administration of the Province of Macedonia or as negotiatores, as well as attestations of liberti (freedmen and women). It also includes literary attestations of Romans who served in the civic or the military administration of the Province or even visited Macedonia for a number of reasons. The First Part of the study consists of a Catalogue of 3893 persons, listed alphabetically according to their nomina, which amount to 690. The origin, distribution (mainly in the Greek east) and the frequency of most of the nomina is commented upon. The Second Part of the study includes those who adopted a Roman name, a cognomen or a praenomen, attested epigraphically as either their sole personal name or set within the Greek onomastic formula of personal name and patronym. Taken together, the two parts of the study, which takes the form of a prosopographical inventory focusing on personal names, list 4702 persons. The study also includes an Introduction, five plates, rich bibliography, ten indexes and a map.

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