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Φωνῆς χαρακτὴρ ἐθνικός. Actes du Ve Congrès International de Dialectologie Grecque, Athènes 28-30 septembre 2006.

Edited by: M. B. Hatzopoulos (avec la collaboration de Vassiliki Psilakakou)



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Edited by: M. B. Hatzopoulos (avec la collaboration de Vassiliki Psilakakou)
Year: 2007
Pages: 334, pl. I-XXIII
ISBN: 978-960-7905-39-0

Book Description

This volume gathers communications delivered at the 5th International Congress of Greek Dialectology (held in Athens in 2006), one of the most esteemed international gathering of experts on Greek dialects. The sixteen studies of the volume are grouped in two parts, one dedicated to the contribution of epigraphy in the study of Greek dialects and one to wider issues of dialectology and Greek grammar. The topics dealt with include the dialects of various regions of the Greek world (Phocaea, Thessaly, Lesbos, Boeotia, Argolis, Crete, Macedonia, Cyrene), the language of the Dodona tablets, the linguistic policy of the Ptolemaic kingdom, name formation and the use of dialects in poetry.

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