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Sailing in the Aegean: Readings on the Economy and Trade Routes.

Edited by: Charikleia Papageorgiadou-Banis, Angeliki Giannikouri


In English.

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Edited by: Charikleia Papageorgiadou-Banis, Angeliki Giannikouri
Year: 2008
Pages: 256, p. xi, 1 fold. tabl.
ISBN: 978-960-7905-41-3

Book Description

Despite the problems the sea posed for everyday life and communications several civilizations flourished in the Aegean from the earliest times until the Romans conquered the whole region and extended their power further east.

At the same time, however, these waters proved to be a factor of unification based on close inter-connections and reciprocal influences, promoting  a rich variety of relations, common reactions and policies.

This volume contains contributions on a variety of subjects and different periods, and provides evidence on the circulation of ideas, people, goods, artefacts and coins that took place across the Aegean in ancient times and  sheds some light on the diverse aspects of life in the Archipelago.

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