Roman Names in the Cyclades. Part I.

Lina G. Mendoni, Sophia B. Zoumbaki


In English.

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Author: Lina G. Mendoni, Sophia B. Zoumbaki
Year: 2008
Pages: 317
ISBN: 978-960-7905-49-9

Book Description

The volume is the first part of a study of the diffusion of Roman names in the Cyclades. It is a contribution to the research on Roman onomastics in the Greek-speaking provinces of the Roman Empire. It includes the catalogue of the individuals attested as bearers of Roman names in literary and epigraphic sources related to Andros, Ceos, Gyaros, Melos, Myconos, Seriphos, Siphnos, Syros and Tenos. An extensive introduction presents the political and economic context of everyday life in Cyclades from 200 BC to AD 200. The authors undertook the difficult task of the relocation and reexamination of the inscriptions which are kept in local museums of the Cyclades or in the Epigraphic Museum in Athens or are built into modern building on the islands. Examination of the squeezes kept in the Archive of Inscriptiones Graecae in Berlin was also important, given the considerable number of inscriptions which cannot be relocated anymore. These expeditions allowed several emendations of readings or new restorations of the epigraphic texts as well as the up-to-dating of the actual location of the stones. Therefore, this work is an important contribution to the history and epigraphy of Roman Greece. It includes 48 plates of inscribed stones or their squeezes. It is noteworthy that a great deal of this photographical documentation is published for the first time.

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