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Boubon. The Inscriptions and Archaeological Remains: A Survey 2004-2006.

Edited by: Christina Kokkinia


In English.

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Edited by: Christina Kokkinia
Year: 2008
Pages: 193, p. x, XXIII pl. 1 fold. map
ISBN: 978-960-7905-47-5

Book Description

The site of Boubon is situated 20 km south of the modern town of Gölhisar / Cibyra, near the agricultural village of  İbecik in the southern tip of the province of Burdur, southwest Turkey. A small community in antiquity, Boubon is surrounded by hills and fertile fields formerly transected by minor tributaries of the river Indus (Dalaman), and has been established as the origin of a famous group of Imperial bronze statues. In late Hellenistic times Boubon belonged to the Cibyratic league of four city-states (Cibyra, Oinoanda, Balboura, and Boubon), which persisted until the Roman general L. Murena forcibly dissolved the union in 84 CE. The city apparently thrived in Roman Imperial times as one of the numerous communities of the Lycian koinon. “Boubon. The Inscriptions and Archaeological Remains”, presents the results of an epigraphical and archaeological survey and includes a corpus of the inscriptions from the site and its territory (pp. 27-126); essays describing the site (pp. 1-6), the Sebasteion (pp. 6-12), and the territory (pp. 12-14), and a discussion of the city’s history. Reviews: BMCR (2009) Nr.9, (N. P. Milner); Rev. Arch. 2010, 124-126 (Le Roy).

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