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Teatri della Grecia romana: forma, decorazione, funzioni. La provincia d’Acaia.

Valentina Di Napoli


In Italian.

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Author: Valentina Di Napoli
Year: 2013
Pages: 290
ISBN: 978-960-9538-20-6

Book Description

This volume deals with buildings for public spectacles (theatres and odeia) in the Roman province of Achaea. Through the available evidence,  it aims to highlight the importance played by the theatrical culture in the area of Achaea. As such, it not only focuses on the architectural development of the theatrical buildings over time and space, but it also takes into account the character of both spectacles and other events which were carried out inside them. Furthermore, it examines extensively the decorative elements which were displayed in such buildings. Outside Achaea, theatres in other provinces of the Roman Empire serve as meaningful comparanda under several respects. The examination covers the period from the creation of the province of Achaea in 27 B.C. through the late 4th c. A.D.,  when the latest restoration work and the last additions of decorative elements on buildings used for public spectacles are attested.

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