Thrakika Zetemata II: Aspects of the Roman Province of Thrace.

Edited by: Maria-Gabriella G. Parissaki



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Edited by: Maria-Gabriella G. Parissaki
Year: 2013
Pages: 340
ISBN: 978-960-9538-18-3

Book Description

Thrakika Zetemata was inaugurated in 2008 as a series of collective volumes focusing on different aspects of the history and archaeology of ancient Thrace. This second volume focuses on Thrace as a Province of the Roman empire and brings together eight studies on wider questions that are currently attracting greater research activity; namely, the attitude of the Greek cities towards the Roman authorities, Thasos serving as a case study, the large-scale urbanisation programme of Thrace’s interior undertaken by Trajan and the shift from strategies to cities, the presence of Roman emperors in the Province, the coinage of the Thracian koinon, the spread of Roman citizenship, the presence of Thracians in the Roman army, the influx of immigrants from Bithynia and adjacent regions as indicated by funerary inscriptions’ terminology, and an overview of the archaeological research on villae rusticae.

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