Greek-Bulgarian Relations in the Age of National Identity Formation.

Edited by: P. M. Kitromilides, Anna Tabaki


In english.

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Edited by: P. M. Kitromilides, Anna Tabaki
Year: 2010
Pages: 340
ISBN: 978-960-9538-00-8

Book Description

The volume brings together the papers presented at the Second Greek-Balkan conference organized by the INR/NHRF on 2-3 October 2008. It begins with the key-note lecture by Professor A.-E. Tachiaos on ”The Bulgarian National Revival of the Eighteenth Century and the Greek World”, and is organized in four thematic sections: I. The Enlightenment and the formation of national identities : Raymond Detrez, “Understanding the Pre-Nationalist Balkans: the ‘Romaic’ Community”; Raia Zaimova, “Les images byzantino-bulgares de Peyssonnel (XVIIIe siècle)”; Vassilis Maragos, “The nation of faith: Parthenius Pavlović and aspects of the Orthodox Commonwealth”; Nadia Danova, “Les anti-Lumières dans l’espace bulgare”. II. The Image of the Bulgarians in Greek scholarship: Ioannis Koubourlis, “Les Bulgares dans les premiers textes de Constantinos Paparrigopoulos et de Spyridon Zambélios”; Sofia Matthaiou, “Stephanos Koumanoudis’ perception of the Bulgarians: Convergences with and Divergences from his Contemporaries”. III. The Greco-Bulgarian Intellectual Tradition: Yura Constantinova, “Myths and Pragmatism in the Political Ideology of Dr Ivan Seliminski”; Petya Yaneva, “The Greek Archive of Constantin Photinov: Lexical Pecularities”; Serguey Ivanov, “Nineteenth-century Bulgarian Translations of the Bible”. IV. The Formation of literary and artistic traditions: Nikolay Aretov, “Hellenic mythology: Usages and Transformations in Bulgarian Literature from the Early Nineteenth Century”; Cleo Protokhristova, “National Revival, Enlightenment Projects and Attic Tragedy in Bulgaria”; Roumiana L. Stantcheva, “Petro Slaveykov, Athanasios Christopoulos et la succession des motifs anacréontiques dans la poésie bulgare”; Stessi Athini, “N. S. Piccolos, l’épreuve du littéraire”; Anna Tabaki, “La formation de la tradition dramatique au fil du XIXe siècle: Nicolas Piccolos et Démosthène Misitzis”; Ourania Polycandrioti, “Pénélope Delta et l’image stéréotypée des Bulgares dans la littérature pour enfants”.

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