The Poetics of Landscape. Conference Proceedings, vols. 1-2.

Edited by: Evripidis Garantoudis, Vicky Patsiou, Ourania Polycandrioti

In greek.

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Edited by: Evripidis Garantoudis, Vicky Patsiou, Ourania Polycandrioti
Year: 2019
Pages: 703
ISBN: 978-960-9538-83-1
ISBN: 978-960-9538-84-8
ISBNset: 978-960-9538-85-5

Book Description

The two volume edition The Poetics of Landscape consists of the papers presented in the 5th Congress of the Greek General and Comparative Literature Association, which was organized in collaboration with the Neohellenic Research Section of the Institute of Historical Research / National Hellenic Research Foundation. The 36 studies included in the publication explore the various and complex ways of perception and representation of real and imaginary landscapes in texts of modern Greek literature, in comparison with texts in foreign literatures as well as in comparison with the representation of landscape in visual arts (painting, cinema). The studies highlight theoretical concepts which can be further utilized as methodological tools for scientific approach of the literary landscape in the fields of Comparative Literature and Cultural History. The present publication, which is part of IHR’s Neohellenic Research Section “Conference proceedings” series (no. 29), has been edited by Evripidis Garantoudis, Vicky Patsiou and Ourania Polycandrioti. The contributors are scholars, members of the Greek General and Comparative Literature Association.

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