Peloponnesian Senate. A political institution of the Greek Revolution, Conference Proceedings, Tripoli and Stadio Tegeas, 6-8 November 2020.

Edited by: Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Vassilis Panayotopoulos, Maria Christina Chatziioannou

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In Greek.

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Edited by: Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Vassilis Panayotopoulos, Maria Christina Chatziioannou
Year: 2023
Pages: 276
ISBN: 978-960-371-088-2

Book Description

With the outbreak of the Greek Revolution, unofficial administrative bodies were created at the local level and through them the revolutionary forces confronted the new needs created by the war: recruiting, supplying and directing the revolutionary forces. Among these precursors of the National Administration, the Peloponnesian Senate is perhaps the one with the strongest imprint.

The Peloponnesian Senate was born out of necessity but it was also an institution where the national effort of unifying the state and the strong local, social and political confrontations, resulting from the Revolution, coexisted.

This distinct institution that played a decisive role in the administrative constitution of the revolutionary regions in the organization of the armed forces and the consolidation of the Struggle was the topic of a conference organized by Michael N. Stassinopoulos – VIOHALCO (MSVF) Public Benefit Foundation and the Institute of Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. The volume includes contributions of the conference, divided into two topics, regarding the historical problem of the creation of the Senate and the historical documents related with important moments of its history.

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