The Greek War of Independence and the Polish Philhellenism (1821-1833).

Edited by: Georgios Kardaras, Maria Kalinowska, Alexandra Sfoini, Magdalena Kowalska

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Edited by: Georgios Kardaras, Maria Kalinowska, Alexandra Sfoini, Magdalena Kowalska
Year: 2023
Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-960-371-086-8

Book Description

The collective volume entitled “Greek War of Independence and Polish Philhellenism (1821-1833)” consists an interdisciplinary approach on the development of the philhellenic movement in Poland, which at that time was equally under the control of other European powers. The contributions of Greek and Polish authors cover several scientific fields (History, Historiography, Literature, Folklore, Press) in order to highlight in the best possible way the aspects of Polish Philhellenism and the dimensions of the philhellenic movement in Poland. The volume is expected to be another important contribution to the global approach of Polish Philhellenism and is the first collective volume with such a theme published in Greece. From this point of view, its contribution to the strengthening of academic partnerships with Poland, which have been gradually developing in recent years and give their own dynamic to the wider Greek-Polish relations, is also obvious.

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