Sailing in the Aegean with History at the helm.

Edited by: Eugenia Drakopoulou, Dimitris Dimitropoulos

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Translated in English from Greek language.

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Edited by: Eugenia Drakopoulou, Dimitris Dimitropoulos
Translation: Deborah Brown Kazazis
Year: 2015
Pages: 245
ISBN: 978-0-9538-31-2
ISBN: 978-618-81781-1-3

Book Description

This book presents eighteen destinations in the Aegean Sea by collecting eighteen true stories and fictions-as-history dealing with the ports of the Aegean. The objective was not so much for readers to enrich their encyclopedic knowledge as it for them to catch a glimpse of vibrant moments from the past, to absorb something of an era’s atmospheric quality, especially if the volume happens to be accompanying them during a tour of the Aegean. For this reason, we assumed a chronological vantage point extending from prehistoric times to more recent ones. As regards its spatial development, the volume follows that of the ports visited by today’s travelers. Seventeen authors collaborated with texts inspired by the following ports of Aegean Sea: Piraeus (Angelos Chaniotis), Nafplio (Eftychia Liata), Chania (Kostas Tsiknakis), Rethymno (Eugenia Drakopoulou), Heraklion (Angeliki Panopoulou), Santorini (Anna Michailidou), Mykonos (Dimitris Dimitropoulos), Naxos (Yiorgos Anomeritis), Syros (Christos Loukos), Paros (Marina Loukaki), Melos (Eugenia Drakopoulou), Rhodes (Efthymios Nikolaidis), Kos (Harikleia Papageorgiadou), Patmos (Zisis Melissakis), Chios (Katerina Dermitzaki), Lesbos (Panagiotis Michailaris), Volos (Dina Moustani), Thessaloniki (Anastasia Tourta).

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