Sailing in the Ionian with History at the helm.

Edited by: Eugenia Drakopoulou, Dimitris Dimitropoulos


Translated in English from Greek language.

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Edited by: Eugenia Drakopoulou, Dimitris Dimitropoulos
Translation: Deborah Brown Kazazis
Year: 2015
Pages: 234
ISBN: 978-0-9538-33-6
ISBN: 978-618-81781-3-7

Book Description

History as it actually happened and fiction as History which might have happened are the protagonists in this volume. Authors were asked to choose a topic anchored in a place and port of the Ionian Sea, and to tell a story, that is, to recreate an incident involving “major” or “minor” history as they themselves would consider it most attractive and appropriate –i.e., by employing traditional historiographical narrative or fiction– but with a commitment to scholarly validity and documentation. The objective was not so much for readers to enrich their encyclopedic knowledge as to connect to vibrant moments from the past, to absorb something of an era’s atmospheric quality, especially if the volume happens to be accompanying them during a tour of the Aegean. Nineteen authors collaborated with texts inspired by the following ports of Ionian Sea: Patras (Maria Christina Chatziioannou), Katakolo (Katerina Dede), Pylos (Demetris Athanasoulis), Methoni (Charalambos Gasparis), Kalamata (Eugenia Drakopoulou), Messene (Myrina Kalaitzi), Kythera (Sofia Matthaiou), Nafpaktos (Ioannis Chouliaras), Messolonghi (Ourania Polycandrioti), Parga (Eugenia Halkia), Corfu (Maria Kamonachou), Paxos (Stamatis Chondrogiannis – Haris Drimousis), Lefkada (Angeliki Stavropoulou), Ithaki (Machi Paizi-Apostolopoulou), Kefalonia (George Tolias), Zakynthos (Eugenia Drakopoulou).

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