Entangled histories and collective identity: Narratives of the Chios massacre (1822).

Maria Christina Chatziioannou



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Author: Maria Christina Chatziioannou
Year: 2021
Pages: 184
ISBN: 978-960-7905-66-6

Book Description

The Chios Massacre in 1822 constitutes a major historiographical challenge; it was a sudden and brief incident within the span of the Greek Revolution that attracted the attention of philhellenes throughout the world, as well as the involvement of various institutions. It resulted in the entwining of the paths of merchants and peasants from the island of Chios with those of American Protestants and other protagonists of the historical framework who held key positions, such as Korais and the Chiot diaspora entrepreneurs. The event itself could, through its testimonies and historiography, enrich our interpretative perspectives, not only as a violent eruptive incident within the Greek Revolution of 1821 but as a historiographical issue concerning the uses and connotations of the past.

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