Veterans. The fighters of the 1821 Greek Revolution during the period of King Otto’s state.

Sakis Gekas


In Greek.

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Author: Sakis Gekas
Year: 2021
Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-960-7905-84-0

Book Description

The thorough examination of the history of the Greek Revolution in the midst of a pandemic has been a challenge for new approaches to old questions. Today, many sources, which have not been utilized for years, have now been digitized and are available to scholars. On the 200th anniversary of this major event many aspects of the Revolution have been highlighted, creating an increasing interest. But what happened to the thousands of the “invisible” fighters of the Revolution? What were their sacrifices that marked body and spirit, but also their fortunes after the Revolution? And how did those who were left behind, the widows and the orphans, manage to survive in the newly formed state? This book attempts to shed light on the history of the survivors and their families with the assistance of unpublished and published sources. A social history of the Revolution that includes facts and evidence about the fate of the insignificant, of the many is also a history of the post-revolutionary society. The author gives us a new picture of the society of the Ottoman period through the eyes of the fighters of the Revolution.

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