Ευρετήριο Δημοτικού Αρχείου Δραπετσώνας 1951-1980.

Eleni Kyramargiou


In greek.

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Author: Eleni Kyramargiou
Year: 2010
Pages: 158
ISBN: 978-960-7916-90-7

Book Description

The Institute for Neohellenic Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation undertook the classification of the Municipal Archive of Drapetsona, a working-class suburb of the port of Piraeus. The archive contained material from the foundation of the Municipality of Drapetsona in 1951 up to the early 1980’s. Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Senior Research Associate, was the head of the project, while Eleni Kyrmargiou, PhD. candidate and collaborator on contract of the Institute, organized the Archive. The archive (253 folders and 63 administrative books) is divided into four sections: I. Administrative Service II. Financial Service, III. Technical Service, IV. Education – Welfare, which, in turn, are divided into separate subsections. The classification maintained the original structure of the Archive, which depicts the development of the Municipality and the social and cultural life of its inhabitants.

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