Awaiting the End of the World in the 17th Century. The Jewish Messiah and the Great Interpreter.

George Koutzakiotis

In Greek.

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Author: George Koutzakiotis
Year: 2020
Pages: 261
ISBN: 978-960-9538-91-6

Book Description

The 17th century is considered by many historians a period of general crisis for the Eurasian region. The conviction that humankind was living its final moments before doom was shared by many who anticipated the end of the world. The messianic movement of a Jewish mystic from Smyrna, Sabbatai Sevi, was a product of this eschatological climate and shook not only the Jewish communities but also quite a few faithful of other religions of the Bible, Christians as well as Muslims. This book examines the reception of the Sabbatean movement by Orthodox Christians on one hand and on the other, it analyses the complex ideological pursuits of Panagiotis Nikousios, the first Christian Great Dragoman of the Sublime Porte, prompted by his interest in this messianic movement. This Greek erudite’s pursuits were also permeated by the eschatological ideas of his time and revolved around one basic axis, namely the notion of multiple readings of the present for the prediction of the future of the Ottoman Empire and of Christianity.

1st edition: Athens 2011

2nd edition: Athens 2020

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