“Expatriated” Greek Antiquities: Departures and trajectories.

Edited by: Sophia Matthaiou, Athina Chatzidimitriou


In Greek.

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Edited by: Sophia Matthaiou, Athina Chatzidimitriou
Year: 2019 (ανατύπωση-reprint)
Pages: 257
ISBN: 978-960-9538-06-0

Book Description

Ever since Greek independence, the expatriation of archaeological artifacts through illicit trade and the demands for their return are hotly debated issues in Greece and abroad. Antiquities are perceived by Greeks as integral to their collective identity, and thus as inalienable national possessions, but, at the same time they remain part of the universal cultural heritage, therefore objects of desire for the great museums and collections worldwide. This volume, which includes contributions mostly by archaeologists and historians, aims to highlight and discuss the state of the art on the study of the dispersal of ancient Greek artifacts and set the base for further, systematic research on the issue.

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