The Cypriot collection of Petrarchan and other Renaissance poetry.

Edited by: Paschalis M. Kitromilides


In Greek.

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Edited by: Paschalis M. Kitromilides
Year: 2018
Pages: 335
ISBN: 978-960-9538-76-3

Book Description

The book, number five in the collection “Sources of Cypriot Learning and History”, presents in a new edition the anthology of Renaissance lyric poetry in Cypriot Greek, which is transmitted by a unique manuscript witness, codex Marc. gr. IX, 32 of the Library of Saint Marc, Venice. The new edition includes an extensive introductory study by Elsie Tornaritou Mathiopoulou, the poetic texts of the anthology, a critical note and the Italian sources of the Greek poems which have been identified by Giovanna Carbonaro, a Glossary also compiled by Giovanna Carbonaro and a review by Eirini Papadaki of the progress of research on the subject since the publication of the milestone study by Elsie Mathiopoulou.

The new edition is based on the editio princeps by Themis Pitsilidou, but it presents an updated version of the text, according to the principles of current demotic Greek spelling. The text of the new edition has also adopted corrections to some verses of the text proposed by Giovanna Carbonaro and some slight dialectical adjustments.

Like earlier books in the Series the new edition includes relevant illustrations, an index of manuscripts and a general index.

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