14-18, Mesogheion Avenue. The Athens Security Police Headquarters during the Dictatorship (1971-1974).

Leonidas Kallivretakis


In Greek.

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Author: Leonidas Kallivretakis
Year: 2019
ISBN: 978-960-9538-78-7
ISBN: 978-618-84138-0-1

Book Description

This book deals with the activities of the “Asphalia”, the Athens Security Police, in the field of political persecution, during the later years of the military dictatorship (1971-1974).  Based on a multitude of unknown or neglected data, the author dissects the interrogation techniques and repressive methods used against the opponents of the regime. At the same time, he provides a synoptic review of the most important events of the movement against the dictatorship, aiming, on the one hand, to introduce the reader to the climate of those times and, on the other, to make comprehensible and meaningful what happened within the walls of the building on 14-18, Mesogheion Avenue. The publication includes rare illustrations, eyewitness accounts, arrest lists and official documents.

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