La période italienne de Marco Renieri et ses premières années en Grèce.

Roxane D. Argyropoulos


In French.

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Author: Roxane D. Argyropoulos
Year: 2019
Pages: 178
ISBN: 978-960-9538-81-7

Book Description

Marco Renieri, jurist, philosopher, and historian, and later governor of the National Bank of Greece born in Trieste in 1815 into a wealthy family of the Greek diaspora, was raised in Venice. He went to the famous Liceo Santa Caterina and afterwards completed his studies in law. Throughout his youth he was exceptionally passionate about philosophy of history, literature and law.  Thanks to the patronage of Emilio De Tipaldo whom he helped in his literary work, he was soon acquainted with major intellectuals of the Risorgimento, perceiving himself as being a part of their cultural heritage. He shared their admiration for Dante and the renewed interest in the forgotten Giambattista Vico, at the time both considered as the symbols of a collective Italian intellectual patrimony. He praised the work of the philosopher, economist and jurist Gian Domenico Romagnosi and was a close friend of Niccolò Tommaseo, who became his mentor. His first writings in Italian were greatly appreciated for the elegance of his style and the accuracy of his knowledge of European ideological currents, especially French liberalism. In 1835, he decided to move to Athens where he remained for the rest of his life. From then on, he emerged as a prominent figure of Athenian political, economic and cultural life. A typical representative of Romanticism and redefining his cultural identity, he espoused C. Paparrigopoulos’s views on the history of Hellenism. At the same time, he was a protagonist in the introduction of European culture in Greece and devoted some of his works to Greek historical figures who had encouraged relations with the Western world.

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