Between City and King: Prosopographical Studies on the Intermediaries Between the Cities of the Greek Mainland and the Aegean and the Royal Courts in the Hellenistic Period (322-190 BC).

Paschalis Paschidis


In English.

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Author: Paschalis Paschidis
Year: 2008
Pages: 611
ISBN: 978-960-7905-44-4

Book Description

This is a study on the citizens of the poleis and the koina of continental Greece and the Aegean, who were implicated in whatever manner in political mediation between their state of origin and the Hellenistic monarchies, from 322 to 190 BC. The prosopographical study of these individuals focuses principally 1) on their career; 2) on the role their aspirations played in the forging and the continuity of relations between their state of origin and the monarchies; 3) on whether their driving force was primarily the interests of their city, those of the monarchies, or their own personal interest; and 4) on the implications of their actions for the formal or informal link between city and king.

The book has been praized as an indispensable work for the understanding of networks of interpersonal political relationships in Hellenistic politics, networks which, perhaps even more than the institutional framework, determined relations between cities and king in the Hellenistic period.

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