Patrasso colonia di Augusto e le trasformazioni culturali, politiche ed economiche della Provincia di Acaia agli inizi dell’eta imperiale romana. Atti del Convegno Internazionale, Patrasso 23-24 marzo 2006.



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Year: 2009
Pages: 324, ill.
ISSN: 1791-1850
ISBN: 978-960-98397-4-7

Book Description

The current volume consists of 11 papers presented at the International Conference organized by the Italian Archaeological School at Athens and the Section of Greek and Roman Antiquity on the occasion of the inauguration of Patras as the cultural capital of Europe. These papers are the scientific result of studies that pertain to the Roman colonization, focusing on Patras, and the cultural image of the Empire as a whole.

Most of the studies project the city’s new identity as an Augustan colony, the Romanization of which breaks down in the second century A.D. when memories of the Greek past re-emerge and create a highly interesting physiognomy of the city.

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