Les Dieux et les Dieux Augustes: le culte impérial en Grèce sous les Julio-claudiens et les Flaviens : études épigraphiques et archéologiques.

Maria Kantiréa


In French.

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Author: Maria Kantiréa
Year: 2007
Pages: 285, tabl. & pl.
ISBN: 978-960-7905-35-2

Book Description

M. Kantiréa, “Les Dieux et les Dieux Augustes”, offers a synthetic study of emperor worship in the Roman province of Achaea. Making use on epigraphical, archaeological and literary evidence, the book covers the period from Augustus to the Flavians and includes chapters on: the Hellenistic and Roman republican origins of the imperial cult; the evolution of the imperial cult from dynasty to dynasty; the impact of the imperial cult on the Greek city-scape; and the role of local elites as mediators for this cult. It also includes appendices of epigraphic evidence, of persons linked to the imperial cult, and of sculptures of the imperial family, as well as tables and stemmata.

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